About Me

I was born on Earth Day in 1984 on an Easter Sunday.

I grew up in Texas with my loving and colorful family who raised me to respect and cherish people and cultures. I am fascinated by nature, art and the power of imagination. I cant remember the first time I wanted to be an artist it has always been a part of who I am.

I attended the magnet school for the arts, Booker T. Washington High School, in the heart of downtown Dallas. I later attended college at the University of Texas College of Fine Arts. Studying photography at University was the beginning of my world travels. I have traveled to Milan, Venice Rome, Sicily, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Mexico to explore different cultures and create photographs and artworks.

Photo by Skylar Reeves

I married the love of my life, James Richard McGirr, in March 2011. Together we make an unbeatable team.

My mission as a photographer is to bring professional, sensitive, thought-provoking and creative images to my clients and the world.

My mission as a painter is to transport myself and you as an observer. I paint to dream. Themes from nature, an exploration of symbolism and use of vivid colors are characteristics of my work.

I look for the beauty and meaning in all that I see. Even when I train my lens on controversial social concerns I seek to evoke hope and compassion. Creation for me is motivated by a desire to celebrate the human spirit and a fascination the world. Art provides me the means to pursue inner growth and expression. It allows me to live my passion and follow my wildest dreams.

I believe in friendships, true love, good food and a pursuit of happiness. Life has taught me to cherish my memories and celebrate the present moment. In my free time enjoy travel, painting, reading, cooking gourmet meals, the arts, following good music and films and spending time with the people I love. I am passionate abut helping others, education and enriching the lives of people through visual and performing arts.